Good news for fans of Tarsem Singh's certifiably wacky 2000 thriller The Cell: Warner Bros. is planning a video sequel to the Jennifer Lopez / Vince Vaughn flick. Only thing is ... none of the three people I just mentioned are coming back for Part 2. (Big shocker there.)

According to Shock, October 14 is when you'll be able to enjoy Tim Iacofano's The Cell 2, which comes from the writing team of Alex Barder, Rob Rinow, and Lawrence Silverstein. Cast-wise (so far) we've got Tessie Santiago, Chris Bruno, and good ol' Frank Whaley. The plot synopsis over at IMDb uses phrases like "serial killer," "psychic investigator," and "into the mind of a killer." So expect a basic psycho-thriller with lots of trippy visuals -- only not as many as the first flick because money's pretty tight on video sequels.

You'll no doubt remember the last "WB Premiere" title to come down the pike: Return to House on Haunted Hill. (Or maybe you don't.) The direct-to-video studio branch also has The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe coming in a few months.
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