Back in 2000, we saw the brilliant debut of filmmaker David Gordon Green. The movie, George Washington, also marked the first screen credit for Danny McBride. Three years later, with Green's also-brilliant sophomore effort, All the Real Girls, McBride made the switch from second unit director to supporting actor, playing the film's excellent comic-relief character, "Bust-Ass". Then the two film school classmates kind of went separate ways. Green continued making beautiful little independents like Undertow and Snow Angels, while McBride wrote and starred in the low-budget comedy The Foot-Fist Way (which finally hits theaters this weekend) and then continued to find minor roles in big-budget comedies such as Hot Rod, Drillbit Taylor and The Heartbreak Kid (and the upcoming Tropic Thunder). Finally, this summer Green and McBride are reunited for the Judd Apatow production, Pineapple Express.
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