Let's talk about Sex, baby ... I got an email from Melissa Silverstein over at Women and Hollywood yesterday, asking a pack of women who work in various aspects of the film industry to share our thoughts on whether a successful box office turn for Sex and the City, which opens this weekend, might herald a change in Hollywood's attitude toward chick-centric movies. Melissa posed the following questions:

  • If it's a success do you think that this will change Hollywood minds about whether women can "open" movies?
  • If it doesn't do the predicted numbers, do you think this will spell more difficulties for women centric films?
  • Do you think that because this is an "event" that other films about women will be held up to an unrealistic standard?
  • Do you think there is a double standard for this film?
  • Are you surprised by the nasty tone that some of the media has taken on this week?

You can read my response, and the thoughts of some other smart women, over on Melissa's site, but in the meantime, I thought this was a great set of questions to pose to Cinematical readers. Whether you love Sex and the City or hate it, what are your thoughts on whether a big box office run for the film might change the way Hollywood thinks about movies for and about women? Discuss away ...

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