Hot Topic shoppers are going to go crazy! The Hollywood Reporter announced that little Emily Strange is heading for the big screen. Mike Richardson, head of Dark Horse Entertainment, will produce under the comic book's movie shingle. No distributor yet, though Universal has that first look deal with them.

Emily the Strange was created by skateboarder Rob Reger in the early '90s. Originally, she was just a character on a sticker handed out for free at concerts, skateboard shops and record stores to promote Reger's company, Cosmic Debris. She took on a life of her own, appearing on everything from t-shirts to notebooks, often accompanied by four cats. Dark Horse gave her a four-issue run. What was in those issues, I do not know -- perhaps a reader can tell us.

Says Reger of his creation: "In their life, everybody has, especially in the teenage years, looked to find themselves and felt like they don't fit in. Emily represents that person, but in a positive light. She prefers to be different and to look at things in her own way. She's a great role model for people to think for themselves." He also calls her an "alluring" little girl which I will try to take in a positive way.
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