Welcome back to another fantastic edition of Insert Caption -- the game where you're totally allowed (and encouraged) to talk to strangers. Last week, we were hangin' with our girls from Sex and the City, and asking you to send in your best captions for a photo of Carrie typing away with some ... thing wrapped around her shoulders. Needless to say, creativity was a flowin'.

1. "Her transformation from socialite to yeti nearly complete, Carrie writes her final, twisted column." -- Jay J.

2. "Note to self: New line of sweaters from Jimmy Choo - not so fabulous." -- Chia S.

3. "I knew I would do anything for fashion, but drugging and shaving a Wampa might be over the line. I should have shaved an Ewok instead ... they're softer." -- Laura E.

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This week, we're throwing on our random, creepy masks and showing up to your house unannounced with a photo from the new freaky flick The Strangers. Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler play a couple who are harassed (in more ways than one) by three complete strangers who pop up at their front door in the middle of the night. And if you don't leave a funny caption for this one ... well, let's not wait to see what happens. (I'm so not intimidating.) The winners of our three favorite captions will sneak away with one cast-signed The Strangers movie poster. You know what comes next ...

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