Warning: Foul language in the above clip -- definitely NSFW.

Just when I thought my crush on Jason Segel couldn't get any higher, he had to go and take on Lou Ferrigno. The above, captured by www.Hollywood.tv, is just comedy gold on the set of I Love You, Man -- the upcoming bro-com where Paul Rudd is about to marry Rashida Jones, and then he realizes he has no close male friend to be his best man. So, he goes on "man-dates" to find one -- which he ultimately finds in Jason Segel. Now, I'm not so sure how fighting the REAL Incredible Hulk fits in, but honestly, I don't care!

"Give him the juice!" God, this is funny, and I'm really wondering how Lou Ferigno got Jason Segel so worked up, and filled with so much testosterone, that the dude would say: "I'm not afraid of the Incredible Hulk!" Now, if only we didn't have to wait until some time next year to see this sucker! A US release date isn't listed on IMDb, but all of the international dates listed are in 2009.

[via /film]