"The film isn't as raunchy as its title suggests."

Here, here! The above is the dek for Jam! Showbiz's coverage of the Ottawa screening for Martin Gero's Young People F**king. For those not familiar with the particulars of Canadian politics -- Ottawa is the country's capital, which makes a screening of Gero's film particularly noteworthy when you consider the current and ridiculous political press to deny tax credits to films like Gero's. As I've said many times now: a film that has a racy title, but is far from the raciest fare out there. In fact, it's pretty tame.

Still, the controversy continues. One young woman got canned recently for putting her Tory boss' name (Parliament member Gary Goodyear) on the guest list for the film, and was one of the noteworthy guests, along with MPs like Denis Coderre. And gee, when the film aired, this is what Jam had to say about it: "The first 45 minutes of the movie were tame, filled with dialogue as the ensemble cast was introduced -- several dysfunctional couples about to have sex. Aside from partial nudity and sexually suggestive dialogue, the film wasn't as raunchy as its title suggests."

All because of a name. I now wonder -- just how racy can a film be if it has a name like, say, "Tulips are Pretty" or "Let's Drink a Cup of Tea"? Would it fly under the radar? You'd think a bunch of educated people could realize that the movie's title is there for a reason, but that the reason isn't scandalous fare. It's called Young People F**king to grab attention. But I bet they never thought it would cause this much attention.

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