"The second one's gonna be f**kin' badass!"-- Megan Fox on Transformers 2

The 2008 MTV Movie Awards are in the books and Transformers came out on top with the best movie award, with director Michael Bay and an unbelievably hot (seriously -- no one should be that good looking) Megan Fox accepting the honors. Bay, who was sitting next to his own Fox all night, looked happy up there at the podium -- and if it was possible to make love to yourself on live television, we probably would've seen something nasty.

Highlights for me this year include a very funny Wayne's World reunion, in which the boys counted down the top ten porn names for 2008 films (even though half the flicks mentioned came out in 2007). Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. cracked me up big time with their Tropic Thunder viral video bit, which concluded with them blowing up Black's head in order to impress Stiller's overweight, internet nerdy nephew. (Loved the line about Iron Man: "It'll do till The Dark Knight gets here." Classic!)

Myers was a decent host; liked the animal trainer bit; was iffy on the craft services chick. How odd was that gum commercial/sketch with the award rolling around in the bathroom? Thought the Sandler tribute was cute, though most of the intro jokes fell flat. (I love Seth Rogen and James Franco, but that pot bit tanked hard. Did you see the uncomfortable looks from the audience? And what was up with the wide shot for the entire bit, this way no one at home could actually see what was happening on stage?) Oh, and I willadmit -- the kiss from Step Up 2 the Streetswas kinda hot. Step Up 3 Way ... anyone? J/K!!

Favorite moments from this year's show? Did you watch it? Do you care?

WAIT! One more thing: How 21 Jump Street did Johnny Depp look tonight???? Holy crap, dude looked 17.

Hang on!
Check out a gallery from the show below ...

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