Back at New York Comic Con earlier this year, there was this very odd moment during The Incredible Hulk panel when Lou Ferrigno surprised everyone in the crowd and director Louis Leterrier had the old, TV Hulk scream out a little "Hulk smash!" for the fans. Half-jokingly, Leterrier then said Ferrigno would be the voice of the Hulk in the new film.Those of us in the crowd didn't really know what to think: Was Leterrier being serious? Were they just messing with us? Well, according to a new interview over in Variety, it would appear that Ferrigno is, indeed, voicing the Hulk.

When asked if we "finally get to hear a good 'Hulk smash!,'" Marvel's Kevin Feige and producer Gale Ann Hurd noted, "Yes. After five TV seasons, several TV movies and the first feature, Hulk will speak. (Yeah, he had a line in the Ang Lee film, but it was a dream.) Hulk's verbal skills and intelligence have varied in the comics, but he's never been as mute as the TV version. So it's a little ironic that TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno will give voice to the Hulk in this film. Producer Gale Ann Hurd says Ferrigno was a last-minute addition to a panel on the movie at New York's Comic-Con. Director Leterrier invited him to "audition" onstage. "Lou did this amazing, 'Hulk smash!' " says Hurd. "And (director Louis Leterrier) said, 'Come in, we'll record you next week.' Everybody thought it was either a staged event or we wouldn't really do it. But the next week Lou came in in L.A. and his voice is the voice of the Hulk."

Do you think the Hulk should speak in the new film? The Incredible Hulkhits screens on June 13.
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