Immediately after watching what appeared to be a last second decision gone awry, I knew people would be talking about it the next day -- especially because it's MTV, because it's a show designed for teens and pre-teens and because Seth Rogen and James Franco kinda made pot smoking "look cool." In an article over at AOL News, Franco admitted that MTV put them up to it -- "even supplying the script, the fake marijuana and the fake joint - then had a last-second change of heart about the bit." That "change of heart" turned into the camera remaining on a wide shot of the stage while Rogen and Franco took hits off the fake joint, coughing in between. Of course, even though the camera was wide, we still heard everything being said -- and could still see the awkward, uncomfortable faces in the crowd, some of whom (like Will Smith) brought their young children with them as dates.

From the article: "MTV wrote it! ... Then backstage there was this big commotion: 'You guys can't say that,"' Franco said. "It says right in the script: 'Lights fake joint."' Of course, this shouldn't take anything away from The Pineapple Express (which I heard was absolutely hysterical and am dying to see), because it's rated R and doesn't pretend to be something it's not. However, the film's green band trailer makes sure not to use the word marijuana or show either character actually putting a joint to their mouth to smoke (going so far as to change the word 'weed' in the trailer song to 'seed') -- so, obviously, it's an issue with the MPAA.

Should it be an issue with the FCC? Did MTV make a huge mistake with this bit, or should they be applauded for taking the comedic risk? (Check out the video after the jump and let us know ...)

[photo courtesy of Getty Images]