According to Variety, Platinum Studios is teaming up with Valhalla Motion Pictures to bring the not-yet-published comic Final Orbit to the big screen. The fact that it hasn't been read by us nerds leaves us little to talk about, but I'll try anyway.

Final Orbit follows a group of thrill-seekers who win a lottery to vacation aboard a newly completed International Space Station. Things go horribly wrong when the station is damaged, stranding the tourists in a damaged module with no trained astronaut to assist them. It sounds like a combination of Space Camp and, well, every space movie from Sunshine to Apollo 13. Don't space journeys ever go well? How did we ever make it to the moon?

The script is being penned by Russell Gewirtz, the author behind Inside Man and the much-discussed DeNiro-Pacino thriller Righteous Kill. It's another addition to the super busy slate of Platinum Studios, who are producing everything from Witchblade to Atlantis Rising, and publishing loads of comic books on the side. They are unstoppable. I'm wondering when the heck they're going to green-light Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space. (I'm not kidding, it is one of their titles. Go to their website if you don't believe me.)

As there isn't even a working preview on Platinum's website, we shall simply wait and see. Which leaves the perfect opening to wonder if where we're going with Final Orbit, we will need eyes to see. Come on, someone had to say it.

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