It may seem weird to include a Heathers clip for this post, but, the mention of Bo Diddley in the film is one of my favorite non-R-rated moments of the film. WARNING: NSFW for language after the first minute and a half, but that's after the Diddley reference.

I'm sad to say that Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer Bo Diddley is no longer with us. CNN reports that the famous guitarist died today in Florida of heart failure. He was famous for his "Bo Diddley" beat, present in songs like "Who Do You Love," he opened for a diverse collection of performers from The Clash to The Dead, but his impact wasn't only on the musical world.

He wrote "Love is Strange" for Mickey and Sylvia, which became an uber-famous piece in Dirty Dancing. On film, to name a few, he played a pawnbroker in Trading Places, as you can see above -- his name was referenced in Heathers, and he popped up in other flicks like Blues Brothers 2000. Also, Diddley was one of the names under the Chess label, so hopefully we'll see him in the upcoming biopics on Leonard Chess.

Rest in peace, Bo. You'll be missed.
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