There was no Saving Grace for Tatum O'Neal over the weekend. AOL reports that the actress (who won an Oscar many moons ago, at the age of 10, for her supporting role in Paper Moon) was arrested yesterday for buying crack cocaine in the Big Apple. Just four years after the actress wrote a memoir about her struggles to get sober, she was arrested on the Lower East Side after she was seen buying the drugs from a dealer. She is being charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, which is a misdemeanor. O' Neal apparently claimed she was "doing research" for an upcoming role as a junkie. Um, sure you were.

According to IMDb, she's currently filming a television movie called Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal, but she's also wrapped the Connie Stevens-helmed flick, Saving Grace, which I told you about last year. The latter might prove to be eerie in light of the actress' personal struggles. She plays a sister in 1950s Missouri who leaves a local asylum to live with her brother and his wife. The movie should be released some time this year, although no specific date has been released yet.
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