The Hollywood Reporterannounced that Terminator 4 has lost Charlotte Gainsbourg from its cast -- a mere two weeks after her surprise casting was announced. Apparently, it's all due to that age old story of a schedule conflict. Terminator director McG has already started production in New Mexico, but if an actor's strike happens, the delay will cause a conflict with Gainsbourg's next film, a French comedy.

But there is already an actress in talks to replace her, and one who has already cut her chops a bit in the action and sci-fi genres. Bryce Dallas Howard is reportedly the one who will play Kate Connor, the First Lady of the Resistance. She's been absent from screens since Spider-Man 3, due to marriage and motherhood, and it will be cool to see her return in a flashy role.

I think she is a better physical fit for the character than Gainsbourg -- Kate Connor/Brewster was played by Claire Danes, and they look reasonably alike. Not that Terminator sequels and spin-offs seem to be very concerned with that sort of thing.

Regardless of who steps into the role, I'm just continually surprised at the caliber of actors this franchise is getting. While the rest of us have been regarding it very skeptically, it's snagged more than one critical favorite. There must be something here we're just not seeing yet. Right?
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