Oh, the struggling and dreaded Tinker Bell movie. Two years ago, we learned that Brittany Murphy had signed on to bring words to Tinker Bell in a new series of films. Last year, there was behind-the-scenes, executive trouble. This year, in April, pictures were released. Now, poor Brit is out.

Hollywood Newsroom
reports that Brittany has been canned, and Mae Whitman is in. The post details all the woes with the Tink series, as well as Murphy's current decline -- from Ashton dumpage, to rumored drug use and a marriage to a man with a lot of legal trouble. This isn't exactly Disney-desired behavior, and it seems that her voice was lacking some sort of magic in the role -- not entirely surprising. Also, get this: "The story didn't work, too many fart jokes and lesbian innuendos." Fart jokes for Tink? What were they smoking when they originally put this together?

But now John Lasseter is working through this new Tink series, and one of the big changes is the voice -- Mae Whitman. HN mentions her role in Independence Day as the President's daughter, and her voice work on flicks like The Jungle Book 2, but she's also the strange teen paramour Ann Veal from Arrested Development. Remember her?

The post also includes a Lasseter-introduced clip from the upcoming movie, so you can check her out in action over at HN. Tinker Bell hits shelves this October.
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