A no-profile videogame adapatation may have just leapt into the A-list. Lionsgate has been developing Kane & Lynch, an adaptation of a reasonably popular but not particularly beloved videogame called Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, since last February; at one point last year, Jieho Lee, writer-director of the profoundly terrible The Air I Breathe was in talks to direct. Evidently that didn't work out, since the movie will now be directed by veteran stunt coordinator and second unit director Simon Crane.

Crane is currently the stunt director on The Surrogates, a sci-fi thriller directed by Jonathan Mostow and starring Bruce Willis. Which is a lovely segue into the bigger news: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Bruce Willis is in talks to play the first of the title characters. In the video game, Kane is a criminal sprung from death row to hunt and retrieve a stolen fortune under pain of death for his kidnapped wife and child. He's accompanied on his mission by fellow inmate and psychopathic killer Lynch (yet to be cast), who keeps an eye on Kane and reports to the people holding his family hostage.

Since there does not seem to be a huge fan base to capitalize on here (unlike with, say, Hitman), one hopes that Lionsgate has something interesting in mind with this adaptation. Sadly, I suspect that "generic Bruce Willis actioner" is itself a promising enough business proposition that something above-and-beyond is unlikely.
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