Recently, Eugene posted about Mark and Michael Polish's latest film, the wonderfully titled Manure. The flick, which just went into production, stars Billy Bob Thornton, Tea Leoni, and Kyle MacLachlan, and it's about manure salesmen in heartland America during the '60s. It sounds strange, but sort of irresistible with Billy Bob and Kyle. And now, there's one more.

Variety reports that Ed Helms has picked up a role in the film, which makes him one of a trio of manure salesmen. More specifically, he'll "play Chet, a womanizing manure peddler." That seems ... antithetical. But it's more than just manure and women. David Mullen threw up a blog post about shooting the film on May 23, and gave some more details. The film focuses on these salesmen as they try to compete with "new aggressive modern fertilizer salesmen." Billy Bob is the lead manure salesman, Tea plays a woman who inherits the ailing company, and Kyle is the lead fertilizer salesman.

That's not all -- the Polish brothers plan to have the whole movie done in brown tones, and you can see a really excellent still exemplifying the look in the blog post. History, browns, and manure, here we come!
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