Cinematical has received this exclusive clip from tonight's episode of Big Ideas for a Small Planet, which airs on the Sundance Channel at 9:00pm e/p. The clip above features Architect Peter Demaria of Logical Design located in East Los Angeles. Demaria has a unique job: He creates homes out of shipping crates. Yup, shipping crates. Watch the clip above to see what I'm talking about, then gun it over to the Sundance Channel tonight at 9pm (heck, TIVO the show if you have to -- it looks pretty damn cool). Tonight's episode, titled Live, comes with this synopsis: "The recent building boom – one of the biggest in history – used enormous quantities of resources and generated millions of tons of garbage through the demolition of older structures. This episode surveys some fresh ideas for eco-conscious construction and de-construction."

For more info, check out Big Ideas for a Small Planeton the Sundance Channel website.