Now I've seen some cool movie posters in my time, but the one above for a television airing of Kill Bill has to take the cake. Bloggingwv has posted the image, which they say was "apparently placed near a busy Auckland intersection to promote a local channel's screening of the movie." I absolutely love how the blood stretches out into the street, covers one car entirely and messes up the back of another. Obviously both cars are part of the ad, too -- and the blood even stretches out into the middle of the street.

Seeing this ad reminded me of an email forward I received about a month ago. I despise email forwards, but every once and awhile someone will forward along something cool. Attached were a group of photos of really sweet (and unique) advertisements from all over the world. They aren't movie ads, or else I would've posted them, but this Kill Bill poster forced my hand ... and I've included the group of photos in the gallery below. Tell me they aren't the coolest ads you've ever seen; I especially like the LEGO one.

(image above via Slashfilm)
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