On the one hand, it's yet another goofy, retro Will Ferrell movie, and yet another W.F. sports movie. But as Scott said in his review, "it's really tough to complain when a comedian doles out "the same old shtick" when that same old shtick is still pretty damn funny." In fact, he goes on to say: "I happen to think Semi-Pro is Ferrell's best sports flick yet -- and probably his most consistently amusing movie since Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy."

The ABA, or American Basketball Association, is deteriorating, so NBA benchwarmer Jackie Moon (Ferrell) heads to Flint, MI to shape up his old team for the playoffs, and to make it a successful team for the upcoming NBA absorption. It's also set in the '70s, hence the Semi-Pro fro.

This flick gets the 2-DVD treatment, so there's a lot of extras to enjoy on the second disc: deleted/alternate scenes, 6 behind-the-scenes featurettes ranging from "Recreating the ABA" to discussions about location and production, and this is all topped off with a music video, short comedic interviews, and Semi-Pro trailers from the teaser to the red-band variety.

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