So tipped me off to the existence of Hollywood Temp Diaries. I was a bitter temp for many years, a bitter experience which has poisoned my soul forever, leading me to a career of mockery, scoffery, pointless cruelty and the like. So I'm happy to see there is a forum for embittered production assistants and go-fers who are forced to fetch arcane pastries, admire the ugly children of producers, feign enthusiasm for disagreeable films and what not.

A highlight of this budding blog is this all too plausible item. It suggests that former White House press secretary Scott McClellan may have bent the truth even further than it first appeared. In what claims to be a missing chapter of his controversial memoir What Happened, the former spokesman cops to his most heinous bending of the truth: shilling Catwoman.

"We tried to sell the public that Catwoman was an action hero that young Americans could aspire to become. That the movie had all the elements --superb dialog, fantastic action, a charming love story ... then when I was to discuss it to the media, I misled them when they asked questions like 'Why were there eight rewrites of the script? '... I got drawn into the culture of deception." Hopefully, the healing can begin now.

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