"The girl whose face will always be etched in my mind."

As soon as I read today that Mae Whitman has taken over the voice of Tinker Bell from Brittany Murphy, I had to go back in time for a little Arrested Development. Sure, Whitman was in Independence Day, and has a whopping 69 other roles under her belt from the last 14 years, but her time as Ann Veal is, by far, my favorite.

Above is a collection of bits about Ann, as well as moments with her on the show. (Forgive the music; I don't know why it's all CSI.) Poor George Michael just wanted to be loved, and be a man. But all Michael remembers is "Yam," "Bland," "Annabelle," "Plain"... and, ultimately, he gets dumped for a certain older man.

If you want more Whitman and have no interest in Tinker Bell, she's also got parts in the upcoming films Nights in Rodanthe, Barry Munday, Spring Breakdown, and The Factory.