The entire movie nerd world set up camp in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania yesterday as Transformers 2began production. A number of websites boasted their own exclusive images from the set of the sequel -- most of which contained blurry shots of helicopters circling the Bethlehem steel complex where shooting is taking place. The outside of one building wears some glowing, neon Chinese lettering -- leading many to believe the complex is, in fact, doubling for some sort of old plant in a Chinese city (or the largest take-out Chinese joint we've ever seen).

A few images popped up over on JoBlo (see one to the right), and their "on the scene guy" says there were "4 Apache helicopters, as well as 2 choppers with Chinese lettering and the word 'Police' in English. Both of those choppers had cameras on them." For awhile, said helicopters circled the plant before doing some "take offs and landings."

Additionally (and if you're really into watching blurry helicopters fly through the air), another dude captured the scene on video and posted it up on YouTube (via Superhero Hype). You can check out that video after the jump. Finally, MTV claims Matthew Marsden has joined the Transformers 2 cast as a member of the British Special Forces. Watch out: The British are coming!
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