Lately, Wes Bentley has tried to bury someone who was alive, terrorized a paramour in a parking lot, and written suicide notes. He's also gearing up for some Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King, but that's not all. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the actor has signed on for an independent psychological drama with Katharine McPhee (The House Bunny) and Anita Briem (who plays Jane Seymour in The Tudors) called The Storyteller.

Penned (and to be directed) by Robert Angelo Masciantonio (All Along), The Storyteller stars Bentley as "a writer who goes on a downward spiral when his father dies, causing his assistant (McPhee) to start investigating whether his muse, as well as narrator for his stories (Briem), is a figment of his imagination."

As I mentioned above, Bentley also got some Poe work on the way, an adaptation of the short story Ligeia, which also has him starring as a writer. So, which writer fellow will be next, should he continue the trend? My vote, based on looks: D.H. Lawrence.
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