It's certainly not as expansive as Hollywood's Walk of Fame, but Canada has their own version in Toronto, aptly named Canada's Walk of Fame. (And this is not to be confused with the random Roger Ebert star that has popped up on Dundas Street.) This time around, as The Star reports, there's a bunch of names that are headlined by the likes of director James Cameron, plus The Kids in the Hall and one huge, really awesome write-in vote for Winnipeg native Frances Bay.

Bay only started acting when she was 60, and has had a ton of roles since then, from Mrs. Tremond in Twin Peaks, to Adam Sandler's grandmother in Happy Gilmore. A petition of over 10,000 signatures was sent in in her honor -- plus "personal letters from Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld and David Lynch and Henry Winkler, Monty Hall among many others, all making a very compelling case for Frances and they were right." Now that's just awesome.

However, I'm also amused by the fact that James Cameron got in a year after Pamela Anderson. But really, that's not Canada-specific strangeness. Every year with the Hollywood Walk, I'm amazed who is in, and who isn't.