If you remember our previous coverage of the upcoming Shanghai, you'll recall that John Cusack is going to star as a man "who returns to Shanghai in the months before Pearl Harbor due to the death of his friend" -- one who was murdered. Now, we've got the friend.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has signed on to play the slain man named Connor. So, Connor's friend comes to investigate, and when he does, Cusack finds some big, hidden governmental secret. Could it be the plans for Pearl Harbor? I figure that has to fit in there somewhere, sort of like A Few Days in September.

As for Morgan, he's a great addition to the film, although it's another small role (unless there are a lot of flashbacks). He knows how to steal the show with these smaller, supporting roles, but I wonder how many of these gigs Morgan will have to take on before he gets to solid, meaty starring fare? Maybe his stint as The Comedian will help turn the tide. But we'll get to see this flick before Watchmen; Shanghai is set to be released this December.
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