When it's a regular, run of the mill movie, I don't mind so much if it hits the dust before hitting the screen and the shelves. Sure, it's unfortunate to miss an interesting role, or see what a director had in mind, but there's enough similar fare out there that you can pop in another movie and likely get similar results. However, when the movie is truly strange and piques your interest from the get-go, the thought of never seeing it can be impatiently infuriating.

Luckily, Nailed hasn't reached that stage quite yet, no matter howmanyproblems it's plagued with. The Hollywood Reporter says that the political comedy is resuming production today (yay!), after securing "a late-breaking financing deal with Comerica Bank and the film's financier, Capitol Films." Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the production is out of the woods yet. The film has to continue and finish production by June 22, or it loses its stars, but even then, it needs to make it through post and then get distributed.

God, I hope they pull this all together. David O. Russell makes great films and I just don't think we'll have another chance any time soon to see the story of a waitress who gets a nail to the head and becomes a saucy deviant who heads to DC to fight for her cause.
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