It's funny to see a film called The Promotion get very little, well, promotion from the folks distributing it to theaters this weekend. Granted, it's only opening in three cities on Friday (NYC, LA and Chicago), but I would've liked to see one commercial ... at least. Oh well. Hopefully when the film expands into other markets (fingers crossed), they'll throw a bit more money at it. Up until now, The Promotion has received mixed reviews. Everyone I saw it with at SXSW absolutely loved it, with the majority of us calling it one of the best comedies of the year. Other folks ... not so much.

I read a review today from someone who totally did not get the humor -- and The Promotion is definitely one of those films where if you don't get the humor, you might miss the punchline. This reviewer wanted to either like or dislike a character; instead, they didn't understand that both main characters (played by Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly) are good guys who have flaws -- some of which don't show until the pressure is on. These guys are awkward, nerdy, human -- The Promotion introduces us to two nice guys who desperately do not want to finish last. Because they've always finished last. But now they have a chance to finish first ... and each will go to great lengths to achieve that.

If you live in NYC, LA or Chicago, I'll ask that you please go see The Promotion this weekend. I have no ties to this film whatsoever, except that I like to plug a small, genuine comedy with a big heart. Check out a few new photos in the gallery below ... and let us know what you think after the movie.