If anyone was still expecting Oliver Stone's W to be a sympathetic, thoughtful treatment of a controversial figure a lá Nixon, you can pretty much toss that out the window. The teaser poster for the rushed-to-production George W. Bush biopic -- a piece of artwork Lionsgate took with them to Cannes -- makes Stone's attitude toward the man pretty clear. Check it out after the jump.

My question is this: does anyone seriously think that people are going to flock to the theater in the middle of election season lured by the promise of... Bushisms? That's your marketing pitch? Bush supporters don't appreciate the jibes, and Democrats have already heard all the jokes.

Look, I don't want a movie that's kind to Bush, or even one that's "even-handed"; I just want one that's thoughtful. Of course it's possible that the poster doesn't match the tone of Stone's film; after all, the Lionsgate marketing department almost certainly had final say. Granted, too, this was a poster produced for Cannes, and may not be representative of the eventual American campaign. But everything I've heard about W-- most notably this -- indicates that the poster has it pretty much right. Bush is a frat boy, a bumbler, "the improbable president." No doubt. But is he anything else?