Moviefone has just debuted the first Hotel for Dogs trailer (watch it above or over on Moviefone in glorious HD), starring Emma Roberts, Don Cheadle, Lisa Kudrow and Johnny Simmons. Based on Lois Duncan's 1971 children's book of the same name, Hotel for Dogs tells of two mischievous orphans who hole up and attempt to hide dozens of stray dogs in an abandoned hotel. God bless these kids, because I currently have one dog and she's more than a handful. Imagine taking care of an entire hotel full of dogs ... and having to feed them, bathe them and, well, clean up the poop! Hate the poop! Hate picking up the poop! Why do dogs have to poop all the time? Who knows, but I do love the way the kids in this film deal with the poop issue and it's given me a few new ideas. The flick actually looks pretty cute and cuddly, especially if you're an animal lover or a young kid ... or a young kid who also happens to be an animal lover. Check it out above.

Hotel for Dogs barks into theaters on January 16, 2009.