The last time that Heathers got a special edition, I got a ruler, a tin that bent pretty quickly, and a DVD that didn't work. It seemed that there was a problem with many of the DVDs, so I had to send away for a replacement. Still, the hassle was worth it for a DVD that offered all that Swatch dogs and Diet Coke heads could want.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that my beloved movie is getting a two-disc, 20th Anniversary DVD. God, I feel old, but then I have to remember that the last time I saw this film, I was a pre-teen with a Christian Slater crush. Anyhow, this new release will be hitting shelves on July 1, and it will include a newly remastered version of the film, plus a new documentary called Return to Westerburg High, which features interviews with writer Daniel Waters and director Michael Lehmann.

New features are cool, but this is sounding suspiciously like a fluff feature to tantalize fans who bought the other discs. That's fine, but I'd want a little more than just Waters and Lehmann, both of whom were featured on the last featurette and commentary. For example, some new interviews with Winona Ryder would be nice, especially since she just worked with Waters on Sex and Death 101.

But even as I type this, I know I'll pick it up, because I'm a sucker for Heathers. How about you?