Jessica posted about Ridley Scott's recent cryptic announcement that he is returning to science-fiction with an adaptation of a book that he's been trying to adapt for 20 years. Scott refused to reveal the name of the book, but the sci-fi blog io9 has connected the dots to credibly speculate that he's talking about Aldous Huxley's dystopian masterpiece Brave New World. Indeed, it's a bit rich for Scott to be coy about this now, since news of his plans was going around back in March. At that point, Leonardo DiCaprio was being mentioned as a possible star.

Brave New World is a great novel, and it's a shame that it mostly plays second-fiddle to Orwell's 1984 in the false-utopia pantheon. It's actually very different from Orwell's towering vision, cautioning not against authoritarianism and government oppression run amok, but against a culture that consumes itself in the pursuit of eternal, mindless, carefree happiness. It's not as literally dark as Scott's futuristic Blade Runner -- done right, Brave New World shouldn't really be an effects extravaganza -- but it's at least as bleak. If this is indeed what Scott has in mind, it's exciting news, and overdue: I haven't seen the 1998 Peter Gallagher TV-movie attempt at an adaptation but, uh, neither has anyone else.
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