Now that just about every horror movie ever made has been RE-made, I guess we're now preparing for a massive onslaught of science fiction retreads ripofffs remakes. New versions of The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and When Worlds Collide are in various stages of re-production -- and now it's time for the 1970s sci-fi flicks to be exploited. To that end, Irish director John Moore will direct a remake of Peter Hyams' 1978 sci-fi thriller Capricorn One. I imagine it will be only weeks before we get fresh news on remakes of Logan's Run, Soylent Green, Zardoz, and Silent Running.

The original Capricorn starred Elliott Gould and James Brolin, and it was about the trouble that goes down after NASA decides to "fake" a moon Mars landing. According to Variety, the screenplay comes from Jurassic Park 3 writer Peter Buchman and the funding will come from New Regency / Fox. The director's last film was an ill-fated remake of The Omen (which was just so damn boring), but I'm definitely a fan of Moore's Flight of the Phoenix as well as his basic-yet-entertaining Behind Enemy Lines. Also, he just finished up Max Payne for Fox, and I'm definitely looking forward to that one.
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