I know some of you are super-jazzed about political content and political film, so how about a good, healthy dose of politics in a science fiction wonderland? In August of last year, producers Gianni Nunnari and Nick Wechsler optioned Warren Ellis' comic mini-series/graphic novel Ocean. Now, The Hollywood Reporter posts that new writer Ryan Condal has been tapped to write the adaptation. He has not penned a produced feature yet, but THR notes that he is known for a spec called Galahad, "a revisionist take on the King Arthur legend."

The writer's background certainly should help here. I'm betting that even if you haven't read Ellis' work, this should sound familiar. On one of Jupiter's Moons, Europa, thousands of coffins are found that hold "angel-like bodies and a giant weapon of mass destruction." "A U.N. weapons inspector is sent to investigate the find, teaming with a space station crew, when a powerful conglomerate moves in to exploit the discovery." And the place he's sent to -- Cold Harbor.

Are you ready for some weapons of mass space destruction?
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