It used to be that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 was schedule to go head-to-head with Pineapple Express. In one corner was the film that has one heck of a pair of magic pants, that no matter how skinny, curvy, tall, or short you are, they just fit perfectly, like a glove, and bond you to your friends stretched across the country and globe (and this time, different colleges). In the other corner was Pineapple Express, the flick that revels in weed, murder, men-on-the-run, and one heck of a catchy trailer song.

Add to that The Perfect Game, which also comes out on August 8, and it looks like a varied triple-header -- one that I think wouldn't have much opening weekend overlap. Still, to get a head up on the competition, Ace Showbiz reports that those Traveling Pants will now hit the screens two days earlier, on August 6. WB distribution president Dan Fellman explains: "It gives us a couple days of extra summer play time. So it just looked like a smart thing to do."

Do you think it will make a difference for the young girl box office? I think it's safe to say that neither of the other two contenders will pull in the same audience, aside from some small overlap.
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