Is "Hulk it up" a term kids are using yet? I know "Hulking up" is, because I found it in the Urban Dictionary. (Which reminds me: Have you picked a word out of the Urban Dictionary today and used it in a sentence? I'm about to!) Hopefully these brand new reader reviews of The Incredible Hulk over at AICN aren't just another case of premature joculation, because it'd be great to get back-to-back Marvel winners.

Oh yes, they like ... and they like hard. The reviews over at AICN (which we imagine came from a recent test screening, and include spoilers) are using sentences like, "biggest surprise of the year so far," "it was great!" and "Seriously, pay for this one. Don't pirate it. It's on par with Marvel's best efforts." Right on! You never know if any of those are bogus, but reading them got me that more pumped up for my Hulk screening on Monday. Not only that, but the following day I'm supposed to talk to Tim Roth for a little bit. Tim F**king Roth! What the hell do you say to that maniac? I'm happy, scared and hulking up all at the same time! (Two Urban D. phrases in one post. You love me, admit it!)

Anyway, The Incredible Hulk hits theaters on June 13. Hulk it up!

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