Since 1999, Adam Sandler'sHappy Madison production company has turned out all of the comedian's flicks -- for better or for worse -- in addition to several movies starring the friends of Adam Sandler. Ostensibly they've all been comedies. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sandler and his crew intend to jump-start a new sub-division called Scary Madison. To those who'd assert that Adam Sandler has no discernible skill for making scary movies, I'd offer the counter-assertion that he may have no discernible skill for making funny movies either. (Happy Madison is named for two of the three Sandler films that make me laugh: Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. The third is The Wedding Singer.)

The first flick from "Scary Madison" will be something called Shortcut, a thriller about "two brothers who come upon a rarely used shortcut in their new town -- and soon discover the reasons why it's so rarely used." Oh, and Shortcut will be directed by the guy who gave you Grandma's Boy, which makes perfect sense because that flick is more torture than the entire Saw franchise put together. THR indicates that folks from the Happy Madison family will work on both sides of the Shortcut camera. Which means we just might get to see Rob Schneider get skewered on-screen. Bring it on.
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