She used to be just the normal high school girl -- big smiles, kid cuts, and simple shirts. Then, Avril Lavigne dropped out of school to become a star, and morphed into a teen punk princess belting out the pop songs. However, in addition to her forays into music, she's been dipping her toes into film. She took on a voice role in Over the Hedge, then popped up in Fast Food Nation and The Flock. Now, rumor has it she's picked up her first major role.

According to TheLondonPaper, she's said: "I've got a film role coming up -- something you wouldn't expect from me, something deep and dark." There's a lot that I wouldn't expect from Lavigne, but I don't know if "deep and dark" is it -- not because I've thought of her in those sorts of roles, but because that sort of tone is how a number of actresses get their start -- being dark, being the victim, popping up in a thriller or horror, etcetera. Then again, maybe we'll be even more surprised and it will be some big dramatic piece.

Will she go the struggling film route of Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, or, will she take off as a movie star? Weigh in below.

[via Ace Showbiz]
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