I wanted to give a little Cinematical Indie love to an Ethiopian film called 13 Months of Sunshine, directed by Yehdogo Abselom. The film is the tale of Solomon, an Ethiopian man in America who's lulling along through his days pulling lattes at a coffee shop and playing soccer with his friends while dreaming of opening an authentic Ethiopian coffee shop. When he's offered the chance to marry Hanna, an Ethiopian woman who needs a green card, for $20,000, he sees a chance to make his dream come true -- but he gets more than he bargained for.

While Abselom strove particularly to make a film that Ethiopians living in other countries could relate to, you certainly don't have to be Ethiopian to enjoy the film and the storyline. Solomon's a lot like a lot of guys his age: He wants to achieve his dreams, but he's not sure how to get there, and he sees the money for his green-card marriage as an easy out, in spite of the risks.