Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the online game that karate chops all its competition in half. Last week, we asked you to give us captions for a photo from the new creepy flick The Strangers. Serious props go out to Kristi S. for cracking us up with one of my personal favorite winning captions of 2008 so far. (And so what if I wound up Netflix-ing Armageddon the other night because of Kristi? Is that so wrong?)

1. "Hurry up!!! Armageddon is on TBS tonight and I don't wanna miss a thing!!!" -- Kristi S.

2. "Liv: Take The Deal!
Scott: No Deal! No. Deal." -- Sam S.

3. "Mr. Tyler, put down the ax and allow me to explain. SHE was the one hitting on ME." -- Dodd A.

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I don't know if you're aware, but this week everybody (including we here at Cinematical) was kung fu fighting. Oh yes, those cats were fast as lightening. In fact, it was a little bit frightening. And ... I'll stop now. Kung Fu Panda has finally arrived in theaters, and we're celebrating by handing one grand prize winner one cast-signed Kung Fu Panda movie poster, one Kung Fu Panda "I Can Find It" book, one stuffed "Po" plush, one pack of Kung Fu Panda Hubba Bubba gum, one Kung Fu Panda McDonalds Happy Meal toy, one Kung Fu Panda "Tigress" pez dispenser and one HP/Kung Fu Panda activity CD. Phew. Get all that? Additionally, two runners-up will get the cast-signed movie poster. Sound off below kung fu caption-ers!

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