Good news, indie fans! With The (Mostly) Indie Film Calendar, our weekly round-up of screenings and events taking place beyond the multiplex, it doesn't matter whether you mess with the Zohan. Forget those complicated rules regarding what you can and can't mess with, and come bask in the glow of festivals, retrospectives, and special showings. And if you know of something coming up that should be on this list, send me an e-mail at Eric.Snider (at) Weblogsinc (dot) com.

Today, you can watch Adam Sandler do a funny voice and make funny faces (he's really stretching as an actor!) on 3,000 screens. Or, in just a few locations, you can check out these...

  • The Promotion. It's here it's here it's here! You guys, it's finally here! A bunch of us saw this at South By Southwest in March, and since then we've beenravingaboutitprettymucheverychanceweget. And now it's finally in theaters! And everyone we raved about it to will see it with too-high expectations and be disappointed! So, um, forget everything we said and just see it. It's, you know, kinda funny or whatever. No big deal. Opens today in New York, L.A., and Chicago; expands next week.
  • Mongol is an Oscar-nominated biopic covering the early life of the world's most famous Mongol, a fellow by the name of Genghis Khan. (I believe the sequel will be called Mongol II: The Wrath of Khan.) Cinematical's me gave it a very positive review at the Portland International Film Festival a few months back. It opens today in New York and L.A.
After the jump, more indie theatrical releases, plus our city-by-city breakdown of special events.