"It's the 6th again. We've spent the last few blogs examining the details of making Watchmen. So, this month I thought it might be fun to take a break from all that and just set someone on fire." And with that introduction from Zack Snyder comes the third video journal for Watchmen. This month, it is exclusive to CHUD, so we can't embed it. Come back and tell us what you think when you're done.

This journal is indeed a smaller affair -- if you consider a man on fire to be quiet stuff. We aren't given the chance to see much of the prison riot, just an in-depth look at the process of setting a man aflame. This guy reminds me of a friend of mine, who is an aspiring stuntman. He spends his off-time gaining certification to be assaulted in various ways. One of his certifications is to light himself on fire, because you need proof in order to buy the anti-flame gel. They are definitely a special breed of man -- one that is just a little crazy. You can tell it by that glint in their eyes. I'm happy to just watch from as far away as my keyboard.

Watchmen comes to theatres March 6th, 2009.