Forget about a blood bath, this movie features enough red syrup for a blood flood. Maybe you saw Rose McGowan in Grindhouse and thought, 'Pretty good, but not enough severed limbs and geysers of blood. And wouldn't it be cooler if she had a machine gun arm instead of a leg, and it had a chainsaw attachment?' Well, have I got a movie for you!

Noburu Iguchi's The Machine Girl, which was released on DVD last Tuesday, features copious spraying fountains of blood and dozens of detached body parts. Add ninjas, yakuza, a flying guillotine and a drill bra to your basic 'revenge for the murder of an innocent loved one' formula, and I think you already know if this movie is up your alley.

Scott W. pointed to the trailer over at Twitch last year and, truthfully, nearly all of the movie's best bits are highlighted in that two-minute blast of gore. But, really, if you're a fan of this kind of stuff, you'll want to see all the action sequences in their complete, unrated, unadulterated, possibly nauseating glory. Watching the entire movie also makes it abundantly clear that the filmmakers did indeed have their tongues planted firmly in cheek. After all, you can't slice up this much latex and spill this much blood without having a demented sense of humor, can you?

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