Did you know that Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari Corp. and inventor of Pong, is also responsible for unleashing Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theaters upon the world? Well, he is. He founded the "restaurant" after selling off Atari -- which he built up from scratch -- for $28 million in 1977. In addition, Wikipedia says that Bushnell later invented "autonomous pizza-delivery robots" for Little Caesar's Pizza, but I think that might be someone's idea of a joke.

The game-enthusiast-turned-multimillionaire is getting his own biopic at Paramount (according to THR), from a pitch by Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman. (Hecker wrote and directed the Tribeca charmer Bart Got a Room, while Sherman is a newcomer.) Paramount only bought the project on Friday, but somehow Leonardo DiCaprio has already managed to leech onto it; he's attached to produce and to play Bushnell. If Atari and DiCaprio's planned biopics of Theodore Roosevelt and Ian Fleming all go through, that will narrow the list of celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio has not played to: Mark Knopfler, Johnny Weissmuller, and Charo.

If you're out to make a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-like tale of a nerd who makes it big, it seems to me that the nerd should not look like Leonardo DiCaprio. He should look... well, more like the guy up at the right. But whatever. I do think they should change the title from Atari to Pong, though.
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