Nearly three years ago, Vukota Brajovic and Milan Todorovic formed a production company to make the first Serbian zombie horror movie. Brajovic would act and Todorovic would direct; the latter told a local newspaper: "Almost all national cinematographies have a representative in the 'zombie' genre and we are, incidentally, pioneers for our nation." The young producers hoped to begin Zone of the Dead the following spring.

Securing financing took much longer than anticipated, but filming has finally begun. Arrow in the Head says that Ken Foree (original Dawn of the Dead) and Kristina Klebe (Halloween remake) will star; blogger Doba Nevinosti has photos of Foree at a press conference and Klebe on set (pictured). The official site has more information.

Taking its title from the colloquial name for an industrial zone that is the setting for the film, Zone of the Dead follows a police escort transporting a dangerous prisoner under armed guard. An ecological disaster has turned the local inhabitants into zombies, and an alliance with the prisoner may be the only way the survivors can get out alive. The producers cite George A. Romero as their top inspiration, and have ambitious plans for a trilogy. They also plan to set their flick apart from other Serbian films by not having any swearing. (?!!!) My goodness, what will victims scream when they're being torn apart and eaten alive?

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