Even before Sex and the Cityproved a hit of modest blockbuster proportions, women, such as our own Kim Voynar, were asking whether the film's popularity could lead to more female-targeted fare from Hollywood. Not necessarily "chick flicks," which we already see every now and then in the form of stale romantic comedies (like Made of Honor) and other small movies involving a female protagonist -- but big, smart, well-funded movies that appeal primarily to the ladies. You know, as in the female equivalent to comic book and action movies like Iron Manand Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull(yes, I know many women were fans of both these "guy" flicks). Well, according to a piece in Variety asking the same question, women can at least look forward to Sex and the City 2. That's good enough, right?

Apparently New Line is already at work on the Sex sequel, but studio execs are predictably responding to the success of Carrie and Co. as a fluke. Warner Bros. head Alan Horn, who jokingly told Variety that the sequel will be titled Sex in the Suburbs, said last weekend's Sex opening was "unusually big" and claims similar projects wouldn't do as well. In a way, he's right, pointing to the fact that Sex had a built-in audience, being based on a hit TV series. Meanwhile, Universal's Donna Langley, also acknowledging that Sex is "outside the norm," at least says it's something to aspire to. Her studio also has a female-targeted movie coming out this summer: Mamma Mia!. But again, that, as well as this summer's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, has a built-in audience.
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