The film industry is really loving organs lately. We've got organ repossession, and if you remember Scott's post from March, organ stealing with Run for Her Life.

Dermot Mulroney had signed on to play a district attorney dad whose daughter needs some new lungs. When he sees that she is ridiculously low on the official waiting list, he decides to head South of the Border (not the fireworks shop) to get on the Mexican list. But this is a thriller, so his values are threatened when he finds out that a bunch of kids are being killed for their organs. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Diane Kruger (National Treasure) will play his wife.

The idea of organ stealing can, and probably will, make for an interesting movie, but I imagine a number of people won't be happy with the portrayal of Mexico's organ donation program as a front for child killing -- unless the couple have somehow found some creepy doctors working outside of the system.

The film will shoot in New Mexico, but a production date hasn't been listed.
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