Before getting into this week's topic, I'd like to give a shout out to my British compatriots, Mark Oakley and Matt Edwards, over at Den of Geek. In case this column isn't relevant enough to the exhibition industry of the UK (I apologize for not being familiar with old ads for Kia-Ora and Indian restaurants), you may want to check out their ideas on how to improve cinemas. However, few people will agree that banning the general public is a smart idea (personally I want more people going to the movies, not less).

Oh, one more important thing, which just came to my attention: SmartMoney has a great guide to saving on movie tickets. Included are the usual: free movies, second-runs, matinees, buying in bulk and clubs (such as my fave, the Regal Crown Club). But I learned one shocking thing about Cinemark Theatres: they charge extra for Friday and Saturday night shows. Another reason I'm glad I don't go at those busy times.

OK, now to this week's subject: charity fundraising at the cinema. You know, those organizations that collect money at theaters by way of ushers walking up the auditorium aisles jiggling a can. It was something I was very familiar with during my employment at various movie theaters around the Northeast. But ever since quitting the theater business three years ago, I've nearly forgotten all about the practice. This, despite the fact that I have enough free Jimmy Fund t-shirts that I could wear them consecutively and possibly avoid the laundromat for weeks.
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