Well, if chewing diamonds is a dead giveaway -- no, Ms. Saref, you do not. If you were dying for a new Eva Mendes poster, Yahoo! Movies has debuted a new one from The Spirit. Click on the photo to see a giant version.

So far, two posters out of five have featured Sand Seref, which seems rather unfair to the titular hero and the man behind the mask, Gabriel Macht. I think it is disappointing that the early marketing is pandering to the geek stereotype. Fans of the Will Eisner series read it for the main man, not his femme fatales, so putting him on posters is a safe bet for those ticket buyers. As for non-fans, they don't know Sand Seref from the Spirit at this point, so either poster will elicit a "Hmm." I suppose featuring Mendes as opposed to Macht gets a "Hmm, Mendes is hot," but does it really excite interest in the film itself? Then again, I am not a guy, so perhaps this is more memorable in the long run. But to me, it seems akin to putting Virginia "Pepper" Potts or Betty Ross on an Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk poster. Of course, it is a long way until December 25th, and there will be many posters between now and then.

Are you liking this poster, or are you wondering "Where's my Scarlett Johansson / Silken Floss poster?" instead?