I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance ...

Iron Man 2: Though they're still ironing out all the deals and what have you, Terrence Howard told Military.com that Iron Man 2 is set to begin production in March of 2009. This gives everyone involved a little less than a year to get in shape, finish a script and ... do all those things that Hollywood people do prior to shooting a film. The current release date for Iron Man 2 is April 30, 2010, which will be followed by a live-action Thor movie a month or so later on June 4, 2010. According to an earlier report, Marvel Entertainment will not release a film in 2009.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen: Ever since the full, official title was announced for Transformers 2, fan sites across the globe have jumped at the chance to decipher some sort of hidden agenda. Does the title reference the return of those robots destroyed in the first film? Is it a reference to an actual Transformer named Fallen, a Generation 1 Transformer who looks to be on fire based on images from the Transformers Wiki. The character is referred to as Fallen and The Fallen, which makes it seem as if the title would read Revenge of The Fallen or Revenge of Fallen if it were indeed talking about this particular character. Or (and this is my theory), the entire title is made up of different robots. 'Revenge' could be the nastiest one, followed by its assistants 'of' and 'the', and then 'Fallen'. Whaddya think?

Additionally, TransformersLive has images of the Smithsonian set and what appears to be a photo of the Transformer Jetfire. Slashfilm also has an extensive report on future shooting and new robots. So much for Michael Bay keeping this one top secret, huh?

Update: Devin from Chud pointed out to me that his sources are saying the title does, in fact, reference the character The Fallen.

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